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With several thousand reached, young and old agree—it’s not ‘rocket science’!

“Thank you so much … I don’t normally pay attention, but this weekend I actually learnt something!” Jenice is but one of several thousand people CMI-SA had the opportunity to reach during two recent weekend outreaches in Gauteng and an extended ministry tour in KwaZulu-Natal.

Folks from diverse backgrounds, cultures and languages were enthused by the Genesis/gospel message. It was again a privilege to motivate, encourage and help equip Christians with cutting-edge scientific evidence that confirms the accuracy of God’s Word, the Bible, and exposes the ‘just-so-stories’ of microbes-to-man evolution.

As many times in the past ten years, spotting people in the audience with tightly folded arms at first, eventually sitting forward on the edge of their seats engrossed in what’s being said, is always a great thrill. So is observing the excitement beaming from some faces when the ‘light switches on’ that the Bible is trustworthy from the very first verse—and connects to the real world!

While travelling from town to town, and church to church (and a weekend family camp)—children, young people, parents, even grandparents responded enthusiastically. Young Brett (Jnr.) S. was thrilled to learn that “evolution is not true.” Kevin enjoyed the “wonderful talks and how our amazing earth and universe were created.” J. simply said, “Thank you for your passion … Your love of science has inspired me.” Martin’s eyes “were opened to see the bigger picture!” Marisa celebrated the fact that “Our God is so awesome … He created everything in such detail. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. It’s not rocket science!” Stephen & family thanked us “for removing a lot of scales and doubt [we] had beforehand …” For Randall R. “The weekend has been a privilege … Being so clued up on science and truth and yet so humble and approachable. I’m now definitely looking at life through the ‘glasses’ of a creationist.” And Roelf could not hide his excitement, “Daar is waarhede wat ek die naweek geleer het wat ek nooit geweet het nie!”

Individuals are important to God, not just the multitudes. Take Jesus’ own ministry while on earth. Often many thronged Him, but He discerned on the hem of His garment the touch of a suffering woman (Matt 9:20). He set aside time for a blind beggar who raised his voice, hoping to be heard (Mark 10:47). And when a sick man on a makeshift bed was lowered down through the roof of a house, Jesus interrupted His sermon to attend to another human need (Mark 2:4). These are but a few examples of many whose lives were changed for time and eternity because Jesus really cared.

And so it should be for us. “The ‘fire in the bones’ of creation ministry is a passion, and a caring passion, and without that, a ministry is not worth pursuing” (personal email, Dr Carl Wieland, MD of CMI-Australia). Although more than 7,000 folks heard the message in just under a month, it was individuals who approached us afterwards with a question, request, or a personal need. To mention but one—at the end of a morning service in a large church (with around 600 people in attendance), a young man and woman responded to the pastor’s call for folks to consider Christ’s claims upon their lives. If our presentation that Sunday morning was instrumental in just two people committing their lives to Jesus, the visit was worth the effort!

As supporters and friends of the ministry, we trust you are as excited as we are that quite a number of people now have reliable creation resources in hand. Many will begin receiving Creation magazine and INFObytes, visit the website (with more than 7,000 searchable free articles), and be aware of the importance of ‘going back to Genesis’ before sharing the Good News with unsaved family, friends and colleagues.

Please pray for our remaining weekend outreaches, the upcoming Gauteng ministry tour, final printing of the Creation Answers Book in Afrikaans, accreditation of new speakers, training of an additional ministry coordinator, as well as Gary Bates’ visit to South Africa (DV) in February 2013.

We are grateful for a growing number of churches in South Africa who understand the importance of the Genesis/gospel message, and who are willing to open hearts and doors for CMI ministry. If you’ve never had this kind of ministry at your church or school, ask your minister or headmaster to consider hosting a CMI event. There are no set fees for speakers. By contacting us here, our ministry coordination department will take care of all the details.

As the attacks against the Bible escalate, the need to ‘give answers’ (1 Peter 3:15) and restore biblical foundations (Psalm 11:3) also increases! We continue to rely on the generous gifts of God’s people to grow the ministry and sustain outreaches such as the ones above. We encourage you to consider a regular monthly donation.

Finally, remember the young lad with his ‘but fives loaves and two fishes’ (Matt 14:17-19). At first, he might have thought his small contribution did not count for much. Jesus thought otherwise, and we all know the outcome on that day! So please be encouraged—in partnering with the CMI-team, your prayers and any other practical support will impact the lives of individuals for whom Jesus died and rose again so they can spend eternity with Him.

Thank you—and we pray God’s blessing and care on you and your family.

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