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What in the world is going on?

No doubt this is the umpteenth email you’ve received about the Covid-19, novel coronavirus. The reason is that many companies are doing their best to ensure your safety, and understandably, of course, they are worried about a loss of income at a time when much of the country is shutting down.

This email is going to be different

Hopefully, you trust CMI and our robust science from a biblical perspective. So, I am going to speak frankly, and in a manner you may not have seen before, because it is important and we want to be unambiguous. The reasons are varied, but we are concerned that many are underestimating the seriousness of this looming health and economic crisis. Our main concern is for you, our brothers and sisters in Christ. As I write, in the US the infection rate is low, but testing is still in its infancy though. Many thousands are already infected and just don’t know it yet because they are asymptomatic, and unfortunately, they are still spreading the virus. As Christians we should aim to protect the most vulnerable in our community. The crisis we are facing is not media hype or a conspiracy. They are operational science facts and our health authorities are rightly worried. Because it is new, our God-designed immune systems have not yet built up sufficient defenses for it (immunity). No vaccines are yet available, and there is no cure! The potential mortality rate is significantly higher than the common flu that kills tens of thousands of American each year. The only way to stop this virus is to stop it spreading. We are not an authoritarian nation like China, so we all need to play our part voluntarily.

Jesus’ example

Anything that brings death and sickness into this world is an enemy (1 Cor. 15:26). When Jesus healed the sick and fed the hungry, he was reversing the effects of the Genesis 3 curse. But Christ’s main focus was our eternal future, being reunited with Him in a restored Creation, because this Creation is our temporary home. As the Creator (Colossians 1) He has the authority and power to determine the fate of human beings.

While it is presently prudent to retreat from social groups, this does not mean we retreat from society or the Great Commission. Because of Jesus our eternity is secure. This is a time to show our true colors and to rise to the challenge. There is much fear and anxiety in our communities, amply evidenced by panic buying and other antisocial behavior that is focused on one’s immediate needs. During such unprecedented times like this, people are naturally led to question their eternal fate. “What if I catch this illness? Could I die?” We’ve asked it too, but as Christians have eternal security. The world is hurting and this is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ.

The world is hungry for some Good News, and Jesus is the answer

As Christians we are called not only to follow Jesus but also His example. By doing so we can change a person’s perspective. There are some positive things we can do.

  1. Who do you know who is self-isolating? Can you offer to help? Put a note in your neighbors’ mailboxes offering to get groceries for them, including a Creation booklet or tract when you do?
  2. Do you have friends or family members who might benefit from receiving a Bible-affirming DVD or a book at this time? Visit our webstore today and order. We have many resources on special this month. (And the health community has affirmed that there is little to no risk in handling packages.)
  3. And just to let you know you are thinking of them, there’s never been a better time to send someone a gift subscription of Creation magazine.
  4. Please stay tuned to these INFOBytes and feel free to share them with others at this time. For example, next week you will have the opportunity to order a special tract on the Coronavirus so that you can easily be involved in evangelism.
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Your church and CMI need your help too

Churches scheduled to have CMI ministry have understandably cancelled services, and our office is operating on a rotating, skeleton staff to serve our supporters. We normally do about 300+ such events every year, the backbone of our ministry. This direct ministry to believers in churches facilitates the distribution of tens of thousands of resources to many thousands of people. Additionally, for many of you, church services have also been suspended. But your church and CMI still need to keep the lights on, pay staff salaries and continue to reach and serve their communities. Additionally, even while at home, your CMI team is continuing to research and write to produce these lifechanging resources, and maintain a website that has over 12,500 free articles on it. This is certainly not the time to retreat and leave the responsibility to someone else. Please don’t forget to financially support your local church at this time, and please also consider helping CMI through this difficult period. The last thing we need is for churches and vital ministries permanently ceasing operations due to a lack of support—they are needed more than ever at this time.

Help us to make a difference at this vital time.

Support CMI

Tons of free resources

If you are at home presently, then why not binge on some great creation media that will equip you to give answers? We have:

A special offer at this time

If, like us, you are at home practicing social distancing, it would be a good time to engage your whole family in some creation apologetics. For the month of March only (so you’ll need to act now), we would like to make available to you our new, high quality 12 part video teaching series on Genesis 1–11 called The Genesis Academy for almost half the regular price. Don’t forget that it comes with a free study guide so everyone can participate.

It’s normally $95. But if you follow this link we are making it available to you for just $50.

For one week only. Special price expires March 28, 2020.

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Just this week, we received this email from Kimbal B. who wrote: “The Genesis Academy is SO fantastic! I really love this series … Thank you, and CMI rocks!”

Also go to our Media Center to explore all our free videos that you can also easily share with others. And it’s all free!

For example, see our latest episodes dealing the coronavirus pandemic:
Episode 1
Episode 2 (A brand new update!)

And have you seen our recent TALK video podcast and open-letter to Rhett and Link? The popular YouTube comedy duo, ‘Rhett and Link’, once professing Christians, have recently come out as “hopeful agnostics”. On their popular podcast, they each have spent hours detailing the reasons for their walk away from the faith. In a tone of respect and gentleness, we address their very objections to biblical Christianity. The bottom line of CMI addressing this oft repeated exodus from the faith is that it doesn’t have to be that way! You can use resources like this to equip yourself with a defense of the faith, so that you can gently help others see that there really are answers to these common challenges.

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We also have a huge range of digital video downloads that you can watch right now in the comfort of your own home.

And we have some books and DVDs that are relevant during the current crisis.

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At this difficult time please make a tangible difference.

Help CMI

Please stay safe and may God Bless you all.

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