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Missing links: where are they now? Creation Ministries International is eager to raise up a team of gifted speakers that can communicate the creation message in churches across Canada (and internationally as well). We are currently seeking people with not only passion and expertise in this area but those with the willingness to develop the specific skill set needed to serve the church in this way.

CMI’s goal is to get vital, faith-strengthening information out to many more Christians across Canada. Many people first hear about the evidence for the accuracy of the Genesis account of creation at a church event. Therefore, to increase outreach CMI needs more speakers!

Many Christians who feel called to serve the Lord naturally gravitate towards the worthy goal of serving the church as missionaries or in a pastoral capacity. Due to the increasing attacks against God’s Word and His church in our culture today, specialist groups that focus on defending the faith (apologetics) are increasingly needed. This is one of the reasons for increasing CMI speaking staff.

Do you have an enthusiasm for God’s Word? Do you understand how important the issue of origins (creation VS evolution) is to upholding the authority of scripture? Do you feel you would like to serve the Lord in this unique way? Speaking for CMI may be a great way for you to serve God! However, a caveat: please understand that it takes an incredible amount of work behind the scenes to secure just one speaking event. As any prospective speaker is going to represent CMI (and we are a global ministry), our criterion and the selection process is quite stiff.


  • A passion to serve God and to see His church built up in strength and unity.
  • A good knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • A willingness to learn and be critiqued, and to get on board with the CMI way of reaching the church.
  • A detailed understanding of the creation/evolution debate and the main creationist apologetic arguments.
  • The ability to work as a team player with CMI staff and other speakers.
  • Ability to teach in a non-denominational capacity, and leave issues not relevant to the creation debate to the side.


  • Public speaking/preaching experience.
  • A science degree or theological degree.

CMI speakers can be loosely placed in two categories:

  1. Specialist speakers
    Scientist speakers with a PhD and/or research experience that use their expertise and credibility in the scientific community to help Christians understand that there are ‘real scientists’ that believe and trust God’s Word.
  1. Generalist speakers
    Generalist speakers (who may or may not have a science background) take the scientific information our ministry uses to defend God’s Word and communicate it to church audiences clearly and concisely.

CMI does not employ full time speakers. Many of our full time staff are serving in some other capacity, such as writing or research. Speaking is a relatively small, but vitally important part of what they do. Some speakers are part time (minimum of 1 event per month, mostly on weekends). We need to get to know you and develop a relationship before coming on board as a speaker, and this will take some time. Initially we are looking for volunteer, part-time speakers who are willing to learn and help out at speaking events in your area.

CMI has an information package available outlining the speaker training program. If this is something you would like to pursue then please submit a resume or some details of your background and experience to Richard Fangrad at

CMI’s desire is to see the church in Canada thrive, equipped in the truth of the Bible and ready to stand against all the ungodly philosophies so prevalent today.

Missing links: where are they now?   Missing links: where are they now?  Missing links: where are they now?

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