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With our children at home from school, we are practicing healthy habits, not only to protect the health of our families, but others. While it is prudent to stay home and avoid social groups for now, this should also be seen as a great opportunity to equip your children with a defense of their faith! Even our children may be asking the ‘Why?’ questions. Has there ever been a better time than now?

You can bring Bible-affirming resources into your home and make a real difference in their lives! This is an ‘education’ opportunity for the whole family!

And at CMI we are here to help! For one week only, you can get deep discounts on great children’s and youth resources!

product imageCreation Answers for Kids

Use this time to give answers to the biggest questions that can last a lifetime! This quality resource can be used for family lessons to address:

• Why are there thorns and prickles and bad things?
• Do miracles happen?
• Are all people really related to each other?
• Why do we have to work?
• Is the Ice Age in the Bible?
• And seven other intriguing questions!

Normally $12  For one week only, 50% off!

Buy now: $6


product imageMr Hibb Geology & Dinosaurs book pack

With the help of a delightful little grasshopper, Mr. Hibb, you can teach your family the biblical and scientific perspective of dinosaurs and geology! See how the evidence does not actually support the evolutionary story of millions of years, but how the Bible’s historical account is true!

Buy one, get the other one free!

A value of $33  For one week only, get both for $17!

Buy now: $17

And this a great time to sit down with the older youth and discuss evolution, warts and all!

product image6 Days, Not Billions of Years!

• What should we believe about ghosts and aliens?
• Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?
• How did Noah fit the animals on the ark?
• What about radiometric dating?
• And much more!

Great for your family and church youth group!

Normally $5 eachFor one week only, get 5 for $10!

Buy now: 5 for $10

No better time!

And for the little ones:

product imagePack of Five Children’s Books

While the whole family is home, cuddle up with the young ones and read this set of five high-quality hard cover books that affirm the Bible!

One Big Family: The truth about where we all came from
Sensitively written, this book reveals biblical truths to help children understand the real origins of our one human family.

The Oxpecker and the Giraffe
A delightful nature story in ‘Dr Seuss-style’ rhyme about an oxpecker bird who removes ticks and other nasties from the skin of a giraffe, for the benefit of both.

Please Nana … Who is God? and Please Nana … What is death?
Illustrate difficult concepts in an eyecatching, modern yet sensitive and child-friendly style.

Adam and Family
The true account of the world’s very first family, that of Adam and Eve. Biblical answers to questions about human origins, sin, suffering, and how we should live.

Normally $60  But you can get all 5 books for just $34!

Buy now: $34

How about a boxed set of five teen novels that teach creation truth!

product imageCreation Science Club

5-book boxed set

Thirteen-year-old David Avila has been taught to believe the Bible, but that is challenged by his 8th grade honors science class and evolutionist teachers. Join the Creation Science Club on great adventures and learn the evidence that refutes evolution and upholds the truth of the Word of God.

Normally $49  For one week only, that’s 70% off!

Buy now: $15

And witnessing tools during this time when many are looking for answers!

product imageCreation magazine back issues

The world’s most-read magazine on the creation-evolution issue! You will receive ten back issues that are excellent witnessing tools to give to neighbors, shut-ins and family!

For one week only, get 10 random back issues for only $2 each! That’s 60% off!

Buy now: 10 for $20

And during this difficult time, while you are ordering, please consider adding a donation to help ‘keep the lights on’ and sustain the efforts of Creation Ministries International.


Remember: special prices good for one week only! Order today!

Special prices good through 7 April 2020.

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